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From anti-graffiti coatings to frosted window film, we offer an extensive variety of window films to suit your needs

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As the window tinting specialists, Accredited Window Tinting offers a wide selection of window films for residential and commercial premises right across Adelaide. From safety to temperature control, decorative, anti-graffiti and more, our window film options are sure to impress.


Some of our most popular window film services include:

Decorative window frosting

decorative window frosting

Our options for decorative frosted window film are amongst Adelaide’s best. Providing your home or office with a stylish addition that includes privacy, the installation of frosted window film is perfect for meeting rooms and private suites alike. Our selection of frosted window film is scratch resistant, comes in a range of flexible designs and is more cost effective than installing acid etched patterned glass.


anti graffiti film Adelaide

Prevent unwanted scratches and graffiti on your windows with our high-quality anti-graffiti film. In cases where your window may be the target of vandals in Adelaide, it will be protected by the anti-graffiti coating as the damage will solely be on the film. This will save you a whole lot of money as all you’ll have to do then is replace the film, which will be significantly cheaper than replacing an entire window.

EnerLogic Films

enerlogic window films adelaide

If you’re looking for a green solution for your property, you’ll find your answer in the energy-saving EnerLogic films. Designed to work all year round, regardless of the weather, the installation of EnerLogic will help achieve the ideal temperature on your property and keep your energy bills down!

Solar window film

Solar window film Adelaide

Solar window film protects your home or office from damaging UV rays which can fade fabrics, furnishings, artwork and floor coverings. Our solar window films block 99% of UV rays, reducing the likelihood of damage and eliminating glare in the process. Temperature control and resultant lower energy bills are also key features.

Security Film

security film adelaide

Security film provides a thick, heavy duty window film that reduces glass damage and cracks. It meets the highest industry standards, providing added safety and security to your home or office.

Security film has been applied to the section of balustrade (image below) for an impact test.

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